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TournamentService 6

- The Chess Arbiter's "Swiss knife"!

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Covers all aspects of Chess tournaments: Swiss, Cups, round robin, team events, internet publishing, online signup, publicly viewable games, rating and grading integration... the list goes on.

Finally, it's here: TournamentService is ready in version 6.7 ! 

TournamentService (TS) has eased, yes almost removed, the  "office work" for chess arbiters for 20 years!! Finally, with version 6, it's available internationally, introducing multi language, multi federation support.

"Why TS? We're used to SwissPerfect / Protos / Swiss-chess / whatever.."

- Because TS is a modern, user-friendly and well designed application, still under continuous development and improvement. Many of the competitors seem be stuck in the past with virtually no developments. In addition to state-of-the-art tournament management, TS will give you automatic web publishing - for free! But don't take our word for all this,  download a demo version today and have a look at all the glory! Or, browse the help system here for details. When convinced, buy a license!



Among our users are approved FIDE international arbiters, Federal rating officers,  national championship organisers and many more. Their comments:

- [TS] saves me incredible amounts of time. Wonderful!

- So powerful it is almost scary!

- The ability to publish each game as they are completed is just...delicious!

- I thought everything had room for improvement. But now I'm starting to wonder... This is ubelievable.

- Brilliant!

- Thanks a lot for a great progam. It's really of enormous importance for the  national chess-life.

- This is becoming a fantastic tool.

- Great work!

- The PGN publishing is brilliant!

- Is there a Chess Oscar to which we can nominate you..?

- You've  thought of everything... you're a genious!

-  Power to the people!

- A pure enjoyment to use

 - You have made a formidable program!

- Gosh! This was nice!

- Oh my, it's pure fun to play with the team series now.

- It does everything!

- Thanks for all help!

- I have this sensation of happiness...!

- We are extremely satisfied by TS6. Thanks a lot for a splendid job!

Guys, this is almost too much <blush> But thanks anyway ;-)


Some key features:
  • FIDE approved! Tiebreak 2024 support. At the General Assembly of 2008, TS originally received it's status as a FIDE endorsed program! We are proud to announce, TS is the first computer pairing software to complete the new endorsement process defined by FIDE. The testing was conducted by the FIDE swiss pairing comittee. TS was officially re-endorsed
  • by FIDE's Swiss Pairing Programs comittee at the 2014 GA in version 6.2 upwards.
  • Thoroughly tested! TS has been used in federal championships every year since 1990, and version 6 has been used in large international tournaments and team events. TS will NOT give you any nasty surprises during your tournaments!
  • Automatic internet publishing! All tournaments managed by TS can be published on the dedicated TS web server with just a click of the mouse!
  • Supports lots of pairing systems: FIDE Swiss (dutch), Round robin, Cup, Monrad, Carousel, Konrad ...and a handful more.
  • Support for team events with all available pairing systems - also in several pairing groups or classes.
  • Support for FIDE ratingreporting. A wizard helps you though the process and delivers the report directly via the internet!
  • Appealing, modern and feature rich user interface with multiple windows for groups, teams, participants etc.
  • Player entry is  assisted by the FIDE or national memberlists, automatically retreiving the player's data such as rating, ID-number and name.
  • Automatic pairing number assignment, either random, seeded or according to standard swiss rules.
  • Prints standings, Pairing lists, Boardcards w/history, ratingreports, avanced analysis, "best board" prizing etc.
  • The arbiter has full control over which tiebreak criterias are the basis for standings and pairings.
  • A number of template tournaments are included to ease definiton of time controls, ranking, groups etc.
  • All reports can be exported to file choosing from a number of file formats:  RTF,  HTML, PDF or pure text documents for integration with word processing, bulletins and custom WEB pages, displaying Standings reports and more.
  • Supports PGN game databases! This will make click'able links from the standings report, allowing the public to view the games on the internet..
  • Strong, 3-way integration with the FIDE ratinglists. One-click rating reporting!
  • A new, open and self-documenting file format has been created, based on industri-standard XML - can be opened in any text editor, excel or Internet explorer. This makes integration with external software and tools possible. Complete information about your tournament is included in this file: FIDE-titles, arbiters, team captains, time controls etc.
  • No "stupid" limitations: unlimited number of rounds, participants, teams, groups etc. 
  • Compatible with all windows-versions, from 95 to Vista. Aslo tested under Linux (Ubuntu with wine).

Latest developments:

With the launch of version 6.7 we once again made epoch-making news: Payment system support, digital checkin, Automatic internet publishing! All TS-users got access to their own corner of the internet where they may publish their events. There, the tournaments automagically gets a welcome/invitation page, support for online signup via the internet, continous round bulletins, continously updated results, games for viewing from the net  - and then some. All this in multiple languages.

Such functionality has until now only been achievable for the largest and most resourceful tournaments, requiring a dedicated staff for web-maintenance and programming. Even then, it has been lots of hard work to get such level of service for the public. Well, those days are over! With TS 6, even small clubs, arbiters and tournaments can go public in a very professional way with just a click of the mouse! All this is of course powered by TournamentService, no effort or knowledge is required of the arbiter.

Tournament calendar and database

As a bonus, every time a tournament is published with this system, it is added to a common public database, where the public can search for tournaments or players. The database is both a result-server during the tournament, a calendar and signup portal for upcoming events, and a historic archive long after the tournament is finished! 

I want to try this!

How do I get started? Easy, read about the procedure here and  download and install the latest version today. Then, order your license!

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