Team view

In team events, you will get an extra team view window for eachh group, similar to the example to the right.

In this window you create the teams in the upper pane, by entering the team's names and captain. I't recommended to do this before entering the individual plaer names..

Later, during registration of the individual players in the individual table, you will find a TEAM-field where you can select which team the player represents.

Board ordering

Before pairing the first round you should return to this team view. You will notice the lower pane in this window now displays the team members of the team you select in the upper pane. You may now specify the board ordering within each team. As a starting point, you can click "Auto" to assign the top rated plyer to board 1 and so on down to the lowest rated player who will be assigned the highest board no. Alternatively, if the team captain supplies a different ordering, use the red arrow buttons to modify the ordering.

Stand-by players (reserves) are handled automatically. Players who do not participate in some round, must be marked as unavailable by you in this window (or in the individual list) You don't need to change the board no's when a player is absent. TournamentService will pick the neccessary available players from the top of the list..

In the example shown here we ca see that the player on board 3 (mr. Bjerring) is marked as absent. If this is a tournament over 4 boards, TournamentService will automatically promote mr Tangen to board 3 and the stand-by mr Mikalsen will step in on board 4. If you rather would like mr Mikalsen to enter board 3, his board no-field must be set to 3 to get him higher on the list. 

You can have as many reserves as you like; during pairing TournamentService  will only assign the number of players corresponding to the number of boards defined in Tournament options.

Team pairing

Pairing in team events is very similar to pairing individual tournaments. The difference is that pairing is performed on the team level. and that you have a number of extra options in ranking and score grouping (for.example individual score).

You acn also manually override the pairing. Both opponents and/or color may be modified on the team level from this window.. If you select a different opponent team from this window, TournamentService will also assign all individual games in both the teams according to your selection. If a team is assigned white, this means the team member on board 1, 3 5 and so on has white and vice versa.

Individual score during Walkover

When a team is to win by Walkover (because no opponent team exists in a particular round), TS achieves this by assigning individual wo-draws to each team member EXCEPT on the lowest board, where a win by wo is declared .That way, the individual score will be just above 50%. For example, in a tournament over 4 boards, this will give 2.5 individual wo-points. You can of course override this from the individual list if you wish.

Match result

In this window, the results and individual score from the team matches are also displayed. These field cannot be modified but reflects your registrations on the individual list. If no team result is displayed, it is because one or more of the individual games is missing the result.

Team rating

Also the team's rating is displayed in this window. The team rating numbers are the average rating calculatedover the number of boards appripriate for the tournament. You may sort the teams by this average rating and IournamentService will also use this rating during seeding, swiss pairing etc.