The Standings report

Prints a standings report (or an intermediate standings report if the tournament isn't finished), ordered by criterias you specify , see ranking.  Please note the oponnents number in the +/- table isn't his pairing no, but his placement no. Sometimes players cannot be tiebraked, in this case the opponent number refers to the line number in the report.

If moe than one class is player in the same group, the standings report may be per class if you have chosen this in Tournament optins. The placement number will, in this case, be their placement within their own class. TournamentService must therefore  include the pairing numbers in the list and use this in the +/- table.

Standings with individual score

This is a variation of the standings report, with a new coloumn to show the individual scores. Only for  team events.

Standings per board ("Best Board Player")

Another variation of the standings report, used to giving prizes for individual performance in team events. This report views each "board" in the tournament as a separate tournament. For example, if the tournament is played over 4 boards, TS will construct 4 separate sub-tournaments and calculate standings for each of these. Thus, all the board 1 players compete against each other and so on. Note, one and the same player (ex reserves) may be included in several lists if he has played on different boards thoughout the tournament.

The ordering within these sub-tournaments can be specified just as the ranking of the main event, using the tab for besteboard-lists.