Save tournament

Stores all information about the tournament, such as the players,  tournament options, games, results, ranking criterias, time controls etc.

All groups are save in one file. If you havent's changed this, files will, by default, be saved in the events folder. If you wish to exchange information with other users of TournamentService, only this file need to be exchanged.

The information is stored in an industry standard file format called XML. This makes it possible for other programs and systems to exchange information with TournamentService. The files can be read by anyone, with any text editor, or with internet explorer if you rename the file to "xml" in stead of "trx". The file format is self-documenting.

Save as template

Some tournaments are organized annually, by the same rules. If you have defined such a tournament once (pairing system, time controls, ranking etc), the idea is, you shall not need to repeat this process next year. Instead, save the tournament as a template to be used as a starting point for later tournaments.Select File - Save as - Save as template when you have the old tournament open. No players or resultsa will be included, only the tournament options.

Later, you will find this template when selecting File - Create a new tournament - based on template. The templates are saved i the templates subfolder. A handul of example templates are installed when you install TS.