Internationalising TournamentService

International support:

Today, TournamentService can present your tournament's results, standings, pairings, online games etc from it's own web site. This TS-web supports the international audience by automatically presenting your tournament using the language closest to each user's web-browser preferences. It is also possible for the user to override the selected  language by clicking the appropriate flag in the upper left corner. It should be in everybody's interest that these presentations are available in as many languages as possible. Maybe foreign players want to sign up online, or perhaps your tournament has an international audience? What we need is full International support!

How you can help:

Whilst I have already written the Norwegian and English versions, I now ask for voluntary help to translate into many other languages. So, if you speak Italian, Spanish, Polish, French, Russian, Sami or whatever, and you have an hour to spare, this is how you can help: Choose one of the already-translated files below to start from. Right-click the link to download the file, then open it in your Windows Notepad or other word processor.

Currently, there are 203 words and phrases in this file. However, you don't neccessarily need to translate the entire file, if you don't feel like it. Maybe someone else can continue your work. When you have translated all or part of a file, please send it by email to: It will be promptly included on the server, the chess community would be forever grateful,  and your karma will receive an immediate boost. Other than that, no payments, sorry... ;-)

Translations (starting points) available so far:


Translation instructions:

  1. Lines starting with semicolon (;) are comments and should be ignored.
  2. All other lines: Translate the part BEHIND the equal-sign. 
  3. The "word" in front of the equal-sign is an identifier and must NOT be changed in any way
  4. Some lines include HTML codes like this: <strong>emphasized text goes here</strong>. Please keep those codes intact.
  5. Some lines include replaceable variables using the "percent symbol" like this: Page %d of %d. Please keep those codes intact.
  6. When saving the file, save with "utf-8" encoding . The standard Windows Notepad can be used for this (File - Save as - encoding). This is to ensure any special characters are preserved.
  7. To make it easier for you to see the context in which the phrases are used, comments are used in the files to describe which pages they appear on. Compare these to the web site.

 If you need any help or suggestions, please don't hesitate to take contact by email.